The #1 Epicor ERP automation tool.

Kuna moves data between your systems and Epicor ERP automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

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Lightning-fast automation with pre-built solutions

Use out-of-the-box applications to automate tedious tasks saving you time and money.

Easy to use interface

Extensive documentation

Continuously improved

Integrate with the tools and workflow you already use

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Revolutionizing the way your team works!

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Applications that meet your needs

Kuna FX Connect

Automatically send up-to-date exchange rates to your ERP daily.

Daily Exchange Rate Imports

ECB,, and more...

32+ Currencies

Kuna Bank Rec

Automatically import bank transactions to your ERP.

Automated transaction imports

Connect to 150+ Banks

1-off transaction uploads

Start automating with ease.

Whether you already have an ERP and looking to automate a couple of tasks, or just getting started with Epicor ERP, Kuna can help you save time, money, and frustration.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Kuna has an easy to use interface. A breath of fresh air to use and play with.

Unlimited ERP Connections

No limits on how many ERP instances you can connect. That's right, unlimited.

Error-free automation

Our applications are battle tested and ready to plug and play. Yep, no more manual import errors.

Transparent execution

Emailed reports when tasks are done. See what was actually sent to your ERP. No more guessing.

Instant ROI

Save time, money, and frustration. Kuna apps realize instant ROI from day one.

Scalable evolution

Our systems are built in a high availability fashion, ready to scale when you are.

Start free trial. * No credit card required.

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We are ready to help you.

Start automating with Kuna today!

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Your use-case and current setup
Your ideas for automation
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